Admission to College is done in accordance with the provision and guidelines laid down by the competent authority of the Government of Rajasthan from time to time.
1. Eligibility for Admission to the Course
A candidate shall be eligible for the Degree of Bachelor of Education provided that has taken the B.A., B.Sc, or a post graduate degree of Rajasthan University or a degree from some other Universityrecognized by this University as equivalent there of. The candidate should have obtained a minimum of 50% of marks in UG Degree.
2. Duration of the course and Medium of Instruction
The duration of study for B.Ed., Course is two academic years. This consists of 210 working days inclusive of admission and Examination with a minimum of six hours per day. The 180 instructional days will include teaching practice and school-community based activities. Minimum duration for practice teaching shall be for a period of 30 working days. English and Hindi shall be the medium of instruction. Student teachers may opt English and Hindi Medium for teaching practice. Student teachers may opt either English or Hindi Medium to write their theory examinations.
3. Eligibility for Examination
A candidate shall be eligible for the B.Ed., degree examination only if she Forwards her application for Examination with the satisfactory evidence of having qualified herself for a degree from the University of Rajasthan or from another University, which is recognized by UGC. The candidate should have put in not less than 75 percent of attendance and should have satisfactorily completed all the course requirements as given in the syllabus.